Assemble before me, beloved dragons! I am about to set you free! The time has come for you to return to your rightful place and regain dominion over all living things!

Zirnitra is a follower for the Dragoncraft class.

Ability Edit

Storm. (Base and Evolved)

Fanfare: Summon a Dragon. (Base)

Evolve: Summon a Dragon.

Dialogue Edit

  • Played: You are free my darlings.
  • Attacking: Soar!
  • Evolved: Witness the unstoppable dragon.
  • Death: I shall return.

Evolved Flair Edit

Fly, my beautiful dragons, fly! Be proud of your fangs! Your claws! Your wings! No one can stand in your way! It is time to unleash your power upon the world!

Full art Edit

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