A still-raw rancor is to blame for this cursed soul's arrival at the capital gates, and only vengeance for a love betrayed will see her leave.

Tsubaki is a follower for the Swordcraft class.

Ability Edit

Ambush. (Base and Evolved)

Fanfare: Destroy an enemy follower with at least 5 attack. (Base)

Dialogue Edit

  • Played: Take my Blade of Resentment.
  • Attacking: You're full of openings.
  • Evolved: Vanish like the dew!
  • Death: This is nothing.

Evolved Flair Edit

Tears of desperation and her companion's blood lend a dark sheen to her sword. Her enemy will one day learn that her devotion to her cause shines with the same intensity.

Full art Edit

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