Welcome, dear guest. Rest a while. My home is your home. Oh? Something precious eludes your grasp? Please do tell. Let us discuss how I can aid you.

Sea Queen Otohime is a follower for the Swordcraft class.

Ability Edit

Fanfare: Summon Otohime's Bodyguards until your area is full. (An area can hold 5 cards.) (Base)

Dialogue Edit

  • Played: The fishies are dancing!
  • Attacking: Let's have some fun!
  • Evolved: Time to see what I can do!
  • Death: Retreat!

Evolved Flair Edit

The nerve! First you hurry a lady, and then you demand she wait while you prepare! Show a little decorum, would you? Excuse me! My voice will be heard, and no, you will not leave me here under any circumstances!

Full art Edit