The would-be usurper of Heaven, cast into the pits of Hell, has risen again in a cloak of flame. Soon this underworld king shall spark an apocalypse that paints all mortals and gods in blood.

Prince of Darkness is a follower for any class.

Ability Edit

Fanfare: Replace your deck with an Apocalypse Deck. (Base)

Notes Edit

The Apocalypse Deck consists of the following cards:

Dialogue Edit

  • Played: Despair. Come to me.
  • Attacking: Return to the void.
  • Evolved: Destruction and despair are sublime.
  • Death: We shall meet again in the depths of hell.

Evolved Flair Edit

The king of the underworld and his gathered armies of darkness reveled in the coming of the day of revelation. Chaos and destruction tore through the world in a dance of madness, staining all in despair.

Full art Edit