A bad bunny rabbit expelled from heaven for rebelling against her heavenly counterparts. Down on earth, Moon Al-mi'raj bathes in the light of the full moon and scoffs at the fate that has befallen her.

Moon Al-mi'raj is a follower for the Havencraft class.

Ability Edit

Storm. At the end of your turn, fully restore this follower's defense.

Dialogue Edit

  • Played: The moon drives me crazy.
  • Attacking: It's such an eye sore!
  • Evolved: Ugh, the moonlight drives me nuts!
  • Death: Oh, it's so bright!

Evolved Flair Edit

The more that Moon Al-mi'raj learned about magic from the moon, the more she came to detest its celestial presence, like a young girl driven half mad by her first love.

Full art Edit