Well, of course, it began as just a teeny little chemical to help my dear plants grow. But the more I tinkered and toyed and experimented... Well, let's just say that now my dear plants grow however I want them to!

Magna Botanist is a follower for the Forestcraft class.

Ability Edit

Fanfare: Give +1/+1 to all allied followers if at least 2 other cards were played this turn. (Base)

Dialogue Edit

  • Played: Need a little pick-me-up?
  • Attacking: How's this?
  • Evolved: This'll cure what ails ya!
  • Death: Wrong formula.
  • Effect: Take a chug of my potion.

Evolved Flair Edit

With this gift for plants, I've got a duty to protect the forest dwellers! Now then, everyone, come drink this secret medicine! One drop and you'll be bursting with power!

Full art Edit

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