"Get to work! G'wan, you brainless meathead! Put your back into it! You hear me?" "Urg!" "Hurry it up! If we're out here when the sun rises, we're finished! You'll feel my whip until the job's done!" "Urg, urg!"

Goblinmount Demon is a follower for any class.

Ability Edit

Ward. (Base and Evolved)

Fanfare: Deal 3 damage to all other allied followers.

Dialogue Edit

  • Played: Get to work!
  • Attacking: Charge!
  • Evolved: Show no mercy!
  • Death: Quick retreat!

Evolved Flair Edit

"Curses! We're surrounded! It's the en—" "Rouuuurggh!" "You... You saved us!" "It—it'sh becaush I lovesh you, shir." "Wait, you can talk?"

Full art Edit

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