I am the living embodiment of revenge. I draw strength from the darkness within human hearts. Hatred... Envy... Soon this world will be filled with resentment!

Furiae is a follower for the Bloodcraft class.

Ability Edit

At the end of your turn, deal 1 damage to the enemy leader and draw a card.

Dialogue Edit

  • Played: May the world resent.
  • Attacking: Here! Have some hate.
  • Evolved: The time for hatred has come!
  • Death: Suffering shall lead to more hatred.
  • Effect: Pain is hatred! And hatred, strength.

Evolved Flair Edit

The world is filled with hatred, and the time for revenge is upon us! My dark arts shall skewer the hearts of the hypocrites and pin their souls to the tombstone of resentment!

Full art Edit