A young giant was separated from his herd and raised in the grace of the great trees until one day he found he'd become the forest's watchman. He now carries a staff cut from his mother tree and pulverizes invaders with a single blow.

Forest Giant is a follower for the Forestcraft class.

Ability Edit

Fanfare: Deal X damage to an enemy follower. X equals the number of cards in your hand. (Base)

Dialogue Edit

  • Played: No hurt forest.
  • Attacking: Move.
  • Evolved: I protect forest.
  • Death: I still fight.

Evolved Flair Edit

Routed by the giant, the invaders roused a band of soldiers to counterattack. But the giant, a friend of the forest, was aided by enough animals to overcome the militia. With his trusted friends, the giant turned back the trespassers once more.

Full art Edit

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