We are two, and we are one. May we never be separated again. May this world—riven into gods and demons—be united again.

Flame and Glass is a follower for any class.

Ability Edit

Storm. Whenever this follower attacks, first deal 7 damage to all enemies.

Source Edit

This card is created by combining allied Harnessed Flame and Harnessed Glass.

Dialogue Edit

  • Played: We are the void. We are the fury. Let the world be one.
  • Attacking: Frostburn!
  • Evolved: We won't be divided again.
  • Death: If we die, let it be together.

Evolved Flair Edit

The world is full of contradictions. Destruction and rebirth. Desire and despair. Love and hate. I am a mixture of all these things, given form in the present. Now, would you like to be burned? Or frozen? Or both?

Full art Edit